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I have an extremely high first time pass rate and receive excellent feedback from my clients. I have also received many compliments on the standard of driving demonstrated by my clients on their practical driving tests.

The following are testimonials from some of my clients:

Laura B - December 2020

Can't recommend Mark highly enough. I'm an extremely anxious driver but I just passed 1st time with Mark. The teaching is very structured and I felt supported throughout. I struggled with very bad nerves but with Mark's help managed to overcome my anxiety and here I am with a pass.

Amy H - August 2020

I have recently just passed 1st time with Mark, and I can honestly say he is one of the best driving instructors, he is very patient and friendly, and is great at explaining the rules of the road to his pupils. I was at first a very nervous driver, but Mark made me feel at ease, and I can't recommend him enough, he's fantastic!!

Brooke M - March 2020

I would highly recommend mark he was amazing at teaching and has good patience. He was always helpful and I also passed first time. 

Jaiollie C - January 2020

Absolutely class! Started my lessons in July and passed in December even though I missed a few lessons! I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Mark is honestly wicked makes lessons more enjoyable when you can have good craic with the instructor!

Wouldn't look anywhere else! Also get a driving journal so you know everything you've covered off and also helps if you want to practice in your own time.

Very friendly and knows a lot about all the nice cars on the road. True petrol head and absolutely mint! Actually gutted I won't have anymore lessons with him.

Rachael P - January 2020

After giving up on learning to drive more than 10 years ago, i went with Mark and he was excellent. I passed first time with no minors with the help, guidance and patience of Mark.

Steph W - December 2019

After a bad time with a previous instructor Mark was brilliant and helped me pass first time!

Debbie M - November 2019

My daughter passed 1st time with Mark, who was friendly and knowledgeable, putting my daughter at ease and keeping me updated along the way, plenty of notice for any changes and easy payment option! Highly recommend Mark, thanks for everything!

Joe G - October 2019

I felt very comfortable in the car and had a good learning experience. I passed my test first time all thanks to the great teaching. I would definitely recommend this to others looking for driving lessons.

Lucy M - September 2019

I passed with Mark first time with one minor. I wasn’t a quick learner however mark had the patience to help me pass and he did just that. Not only an amazing driving instructor but turns out to be an amazing friend when being taught. I concentrated but was also able to have such a laugh as well. I’ve been with 2 other instructors and mark is by far the best one and also best on Price too. At the beginning of starting your lessons you’re giving a driving record which has areas to improve on in following lessons and this helped me improve the areas I struggled most on. I wish I was still learning just to be taught by him however I am now on the roads and that’s all thanks to Mark. Completely faultless.

Nicholas D - August 2019

Mark Fleet was a pleasure to learn with. From the very first lesson starting with movement and steering to practical test day, every aspect of learning to drive was thoroughly covered.

Not is only Mark a great teacher, he is also a friendly and kind person. He is understanding if you have any problems and will do his best to make sure you receive good value for money.

I passed first time, and with mark there’s a great chance you will be able to as well. If I had to learn to drive again, it would be with Fleet School of Motoring. 

Daisy G - August 2019

Mark is a brilliant teacher! He’s so supportive and encouraging especially when I lacked confidence. He made my learning experience far better and exciting. I passed first time all thanks to Marks patience and amazing teaching abilities! I recommend Fleet Driving School to anyone wanting lessons!

Todd G - July 2019

Mark was an excellent driving instructor who made me feel comfortable instantly. He was patient with me throughout my lessons however would encourage me to progress my skills. Mark ensures you are prepared for your test which resulted in me passing first time with 0 faults. I would recommend Mark to anyone wanting to start lessons!

Olly B - July 2019

Mark was excellent made me feel warm and welcomed, gave me confidence and good knowledge in the test routes as well as confidence in my driving ability and was really reasonably priced. The only person I’d recommend to learn from he’s a great teacher.

Sam H - June 2019

Great driving instructor, would recommend to anyone. Passed my test first time with him.

Arjan N - June 2019

Passed first time today with Fleet school of motoring, would 100% recommend to anyone!!!

Nichola W - June 2019

Mark is a professional who is adaptable to everyone’s individual needs. My daughter has mild learning difficulties, not a problem Mark has taught her to drive, passing 1st time. He has been extremely supportive, advised on timings for theory test etc., we really can not fault this wonderful guy. He makes learning fun while making sure the learning is constant. He has been on hand to answer any queries we have with regards to driving and his experience is top notch. So glad we picked fleet for my daughter.

Lauren W - June 2019

I passed first time with fleet school of motoring Mark is absolutely fantastic he supported me all the way would definitely recommend

Emma C - June 2019

Mark is a patient and excellent driving instructor. My lessons with Mark have been great as I passed first time after plenty of lessons. I was a very anxious and nervous driver but I have built my confidence on the road. Mark provides a booklet to keep track of progress throughout following that, he gives mock tests which then allow you to correct any mistakes. Would highly recommend Fleet school of motoring to anyone wanting to learn!

Laura M - June 2019

Recently passed my test first time after learning with Mark since September and cannot recommend him enough. He is friendly, patient and calm and puts you immediately at ease. Will definitely be passing on his details to family and friends!

Brandon S - March 2019

Doing my lessons with Fleet School of Motoring has been amazing! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and driving with them. I had no issues during my time And would highly recommend learning them, it lead me to passing first time!

Daryl P - February 2019

Mark is an outstanding teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention being friendly, showing patience and always on time. Couldn't recommend a better instructor.

Harriotte L - January 2019

Passed first time with the expert training from Fleet. Mark was an excellent instructor, friendly, helpful and supportive, he made sure I was ready for my test and confident. Highly recommend

Nicola R - December 2018

I honestly can’t thank Mark enough for his patience and amazing teaching over the past 11 months, thanks to him I passed first time with only one minor this week! As someone who started learning but was put off by a previous instructor I went into learning again very cautiously. If you are unsure or nervous he is reassuring and makes sure you only move onto the next stage when you’re ready. Doing mock tests really helped my nerves when I started preparing for my practical. I’d definitely recommend Fleet School of Motoring to any new driver!

Mueerah N - November 2018

I would highly recommend Fleet if you are looking for driving lessons as Mark is an extraordinary instructor who is guaranteed to give you an incredible understanding of driving while also being a great companion during lessons - there wasn't a single lesson where we didn't have a good laugh. Mark is responsible for my first time pass with only one minor! The teaching is well organised and the mock tests are extremely helpful. Thank you Mark for everything :)

Kate R - September 2018

For anyone looking for a quality driving instructor who can teach you how to drive and not just pass your test Mark is the guy! After a failed attempt trying to learn how to drive with a previous instructor I was nervous about restarting lessons. After seeing all the amazing reviews Mark has I decided to give it another whirl and I was not disappointed, he deserves all the praise he gets. The way he teaches is extremely thorough and organised. You will get a booklet which documents your progress and provides you with something to measure and develop your skills. Though there is a structure to lessons Mark is also very flexible and can adapt to how you learn. Being dyslexic I struggle to process lots of instructions at one time and Mark was very understanding and able to accommodate my requests to repeat instructions. All in all I managed to pass 1st time with two minors but more importantly I feel confident I have all the knowledge and practice I need to go out and drive independently.

Lisa H - July 2018

Fleet driving school is exceptional. Mark is a professional and highly skilled instructor. He is attentive and very thorough. Both my boys passed first time with 1 minor each. An excellent service with excellent results! 

Olivia C - July 2018

I would highly recommend Mark when it comes to learning to drive. He is calm, professional and friendly and makes sure there is no awkwardness from the very beginning of your driving experience. Mark's method of teaching was amazing, where from the very first lesson you will receive a learner journal in which Mark will provide constructive and helpful feedback. One of the reasons I passed my test first time was due to me being familiar with the roads, as through mock tests I became more independent and confident when driving. 

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Victor H - July 2018

Absolutely brilliant instructor. First and only instructor I've ever had and I passed first time. There's a clear method of teaching from beginning to end so you always know what level you're at and what's coming next. There's a clear separation from lessons to mock exams. The feedback from mock exams is targeted and really useful. He only puts you in for the test when you're ready and that gives you confidence. 

Always punctual and gives you the full time of the lesson. There was absolutely no needless time wasting, everything had a purpose. Plenty of warning if something does occur (I think one lesson cancelled during the storm). He's not going to put you in danger. 

On a personal level, Mark's really friendly. From the first lesson you know you're in safe hands if anything goes wrong. He knows when to step in if something seriously wrong is going to happen but he has the patience to let you correct your own mistakes.

Liam F - June 2018

Just passed my test today first time with only 1 minor couldn’t recommend Mark enough he has the patience of a saint and is very helpful so can’t thank him enough, thanks Mark.

Cora M - May 2018

I passed my driving test first time with Mark. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, he was really patient and took the time to explain everything very clearly. Always punctual and easy to get in touch with. I can't recommend him enough. Cheers! 

Ellen G - May 2018

When I turned 17 I got lessons booked in straightaway and Mark help me from knowing nothing to getting me to pass my test. He's the best, going over things in detail if you need more understanding as well as showing situations via diagrams and photos as well which helps. Overall Fleet is the one to go with!!! 

Chris C - May 2018

I tried learning to drive around 8 years ago but after trying lessons with several instructors I gave up and thought I was just incapable of driving. Around 6 months ago I decided to give it another try and contacted Mark to book some lessons, and just a few days ago I passed my practical driving test on my first try and it is completely thanks to Mark. 

He is a wonderful teacher, very patient and thoroughly explains all aspects of the car and safe driving extremely clearly. Definitely top class recommendation for anyone wanting to learn how to drive, I would never have believed I would pass on my first time but Mark got me there. 

Lewis W - April 2018

Having had no previous driving experience, I was quite nervous about learning to drive a car, especially at the age of 17. Now, just under 6 months since starting, I am now a qualified driver thanks to Mark's outstanding way of teaching. Mark not only teaches you how to pass the UK driving test, he teaches you, more importantly, how to be a safe and confident driver on the roads. It took me a little over 5 months of lessons (22 hours of lessons and 18 hours of mock tests) to pass first time with Mark. I was surprised to learn that many other instructors don't offer Mock Tests as part of their lessons which personally, I don't think I would have passed without. I cannot recommend Fleet School of Motoring enough. Thanks again for passing me first time, Mark. 

Liam H - February 2018

Very good instructor who teaches you to a high standard instead of teaching you just how to pass your driving test. Each lesson is dedicated to further helping areas of your driving that you aren't as good in. Honestly can't think of a fault in his teaching and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good instructor who truly cares about your driving future. Marks quality of teaching is unparalleled. Thanks again Mark for helping me pass first time. 

Ellie G - February 2018

Having recently passed my driving test with only two minors, I would highly recommend Mark. Mark has taught both myself and my older sister to drive and from start to finish he has been incredibly patient, supportive and professional. He really puts you at ease and teaches his students to not only pass their test but also to become safe independent drivers. A big thank you once again Mark, I really appreciate all your support!

Kate H - December 2017

Excellent teacher would definitely recommend.

Dylan P - November 2017

Mark is a very patient and skilled instructor. He doesn’t just teach you how to pass the driving test he actually teaches you how to drive. His prices are low in comparison to other driving schools.

Whilst learning you get a book to help track your progress which is extremely helpful.

I would 100% recommend mark to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive.

Rachel A - November 2017

We found Mark of Fleet School of Motoring through a personal recommendation and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Our daughter, Rachel, had never driven a car before but right from the start his friendly and professional instruction put her at ease and gradually built her confidence. On a couple of occasions when her confidence dipped, Mark provided the support and reassurance she needed to progress. Suffice to say, she passed at the first attempt and that is a reflection of the quality of the instruction provided by Mark. 

Jack T - September 2017

I would highly recommend using Fleet School of Motoring if you are considering taking up driving lessons, Mark is very friendly and flexible when it comes to lessons providing constructive feedback using a booklet and going over manoeuvres until you feel comfortable and understanding enough to continue, really pushing for the independent driving from the start.

When it comes to the independent driving Mark is very familiar with the routes ensuring you go round each one twice, the first to familiarize yourself with the route and feel comfortable and then second as independently as possible, and again, this really pushes for that independent driving that you want.

After passing first time I would definitely say it was down to the constant constructive feedback and reassurance Mark provides on every lesson with and friendly and patient attitude towards his students. 

Lloyd I - July 2017

Mark taught me how to drive from January. Boosting my driving skills, awareness and confidence safely from every lesson. 

There is no rush when learning to drive, it takes time and patience. Mark had all the time and patience with me when I was learning to drive, which is a key aspect not all instructors have. As the weeks went on, I gradually progressed to a stage when we were both comfortable to book my test and show the examiner the skills I had been taught! 

Mark has all the knowledge of the roads and the safety when driving- which is important when you are learning as it prepares you for the future. 

If anyone is looking into starting driving, I 100% recommend Fleet School Of Motoring. Mark will show you the right way from the start and guarantee you, reliability, patience and dedication for helping you to learn to drive! 

I cant thank him enough! :) 

Abbey W - July 2017

I passed first time with Mark as he is an amazing instructor. Very reliable and friendly-guaranteed to make you laugh. Mark has great patience and always gave very constructive feedback with a record book so I could improve my mistakes. He has amazing knowledge of the local area and test routes which allowed me to be well prepared and confident for the real test. Would definitely recommend Fleet School of Motoring! 

Amber W - July 2017

Very reliable and friendly! Would definitely recommend to anyone, consistently given constructive feedback with organised lessons kept up to date in a small handbook so you can see how you are progressing. 

I was met with lots of patience and this helped my confidence improve massively on the roads, I passed first time with only 3 minors and can definitely say this is because of all the preparation and hard work that went in! 

Sarah R - May 2017

After passing first time with Mark recently I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable driving instructor. His lessons were always enjoyable whilst providing me with clear instruction and improvements to my driving. He is excellent especially for slightly nervous drivers due to his patience and calm approach to teaching, helping you to build your confidence. He is always incredibly organised and reliable and a genuinely nice guy who would put the effort in to help you understand things more clearly. He is the best man for the job and has lots of experience, couldn't ask for more from a driving instructor!

Nathan H - March 2017

Mark is a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional, friendly driving instructor. Mark goes the extra mile for his students and is very organised. He never once cancelled on me and he was helpful when it came to fitting my lessons around my other activities. I was able to pass first time with only 1 minor; this was due to his lessons being well structured and his natural ability to explain things clearly. The written and verbal feedback which I received helped me to quickly improve and I found it very useful especially leading up to my test. Mark made my lessons very enjoyable because of his great sense of humour, genuine personality and his great teaching skills.

Michael T - March 2017

Passed first time with Mark today, he teaches to a very high standard and to drive as well as himself. He is very reliable and informs you if he will be late due to traffic. Any areas I was unsure of we covered them again until I corrected my driving faults. You are given a driving record book at the start which ends up full of useful information. He knows the local areas and test routes well and can pass that knowledge onto you so you are well prepared. I am very pleased I went with him as you learn to become a safe driver for life and would definitely recommend him. Thank you very much!

Rachel C - January 2017

Would totally recommend. Despite a lack of confidence in driving resulting in me having over 1 year of lessons , Mark was very supportive and consistently patient with me, enabling me to pass 1st time! The lessons in 2hr blocks are concentrated with full driving yet are actually enjoyable due to Mark's enthusiastic and genuinely nice personality, willing to have a laugh at all times yet at the same time retaining a instructor role. Also, I found the lessons affordable and they have massively helped me when driving in all environments, demonstrating the high quality teaching that prepares all beyond the practical test, for driving in all conditions. Anyone uncertain on whether to learn to drive with Fleet School of Motoring, don't be because it was brilliant for me and for friends who have passed with Mark.

Dan B - December 2016

Mark is definitely the best type of driving instructor you could ask for. He got me to pass first time with 2 minors and with ease. He's reliable in terms of never being late (other than the obvious 5 mins here and there which of course is to be expected with traffic etc), in a year's worth of driving not once has he ever cancelled on me. Definitely worth five stars for the fact he's an absolutely mint lad, good crack on every lesson which is always comforting to have a chat and feel at ease. In fact he made me feel at ease straight away on the first lesson! Mark teaches you to drive in a constructive way, never pressures you or gets angry or anything else like that from what I've heard friends have experienced! He's just a down to earth guy that will help you pass first time with no problem. Recommend him to anyone and he will be the instructor of choice for any family members/friends I refer him to. 10/10 thanks mark!!

Kyran L - December 2016

Fleet school of motoring is a great learning school for newcomer drivers. The service is great easy to pick up and the instructor is easy to get on with is very fun and really cares for the learners. I suggest this driving school as it offers top level driving and helped me to pass first time!

Vanessa S - October 2016

Mark is an amazing driving instructor, I couldn't of wished for a better one. He managed to get me to pass first time with no minors. He was extremely patient and understanding throughout my driving struggles. He was easy to talk to and always made me feel comfortable. He always made me aware of anything I needed to improve and went over them until I did. Mark is a excellent instructor and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Taylor M - October 2016

Passed first time and can highly recommend him as an instructor.

James F - September 2016

I am glad to say I have passed my driving test, first time, after 7 months of help off Mark. His lessons are well structured and planned consistently with feedback on what you need to focus on for the next lesson. I had a 2 hour lesson every week which allowed me to get a lot done in each session. Mark is very easy to talk to and creates a calm but focused atmosphere in the car. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to drive as I'm sure he will get the job done.

Jessica K - September 2016

Mark is a 1st class driving instructor. He is very patient, reliable and professional. I felt completely at ease with Mark from my very first lesson, he manages to make the lessons fun, whilst giving top quality instruction at the same time. I recently passed my test first time and feel that Mark not only prepared me to pass my test but also to be a safe and considerate driver. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. My brother and his friends also passed with Mark and have nothing but praise for him.

Curtis H - July 2016

Mark is a really nice man helpful and patient and likes to help you the best he can I work shifts and he done his best to get me in every week so glad I went with mark would 100% recommend him got me passed 1st time anyone thinking of starting their driving lesson should get him booked ASAP would just like to say thanks very much Mark top bloke I will be recommending you to everyone I can all the best mate and thanks.

Emily Jayne K - July 2016

Mark is a helpful, patient instructor who has massively improved my confidence in my driving abilities. After switching to Mark from another instructor, I took my test and passed with flying colours after only 4 months with Mark. The written and verbal feedback given each lesson was an asset, since I was then able to go over what we had done in each lesson and know exactly where I needed to improve. I would recommend Mark to anyone; he has made me, previously an extremely nervous person with regards to driving, feel in control and confident in a car. He not only teaches how to pass the test, but he teaches how to deal with situations you will encounter after your test on an everyday basis. You cannot ask for anything more from an instructor.

Abbie W - May 2016

Had an absolutely amazing time learning to drive with Mark, looking back at how far I've come, I was scared to get in the car when I first started and yet just under a year later I have just passed my driving test first time with absolutely no minors. He has made driving very enjoyable and I am sad the lessons are over however I cant wait to get on the roads taking all the advice from mark with me. Mark has always been on time for lessons and always makes time for you, he is very patient and I would 100% recommend him as the lessons are at a good price too.

James R - May 2016

Mark makes learning to drive very enjoyable. He is very patient and always tries to fit in lessons which are convenient for you. He also has a great sense of humour which helps put you at ease. Passed first time and my brother will be starting lessons with him soon. Can't recommend him highly enough.

Amy M - May 2016

I've been learning with Mark since June 2015, I had no previous experience and I was a nervous wreck on the roads but he showed patience and kindness (even when I made dangerous mistakes and started tearing up!). He is always willing to go the extra mile for you whether it's working early/late to suit your times or sitting with you for an extra 2 hours until your confident on a route. He's so easy to talk to and just a canny lad, I would definitely recommend! I'm pleased to say I've passed my test this morning and couldn't have done it without him! Thanks Mark!!!

Daniel S - March 2016

Mark is a great driving instructor. Calm, patient, understanding and reliable. Mark always gives good feedback and gives a full debrief at the end of each lesson, writing down mistakes and things to work on. I found this helpful to my development as a driver. Mark does not only teach you to the test, he teaches how to be a good, safe driver for life. I would recommend him to anyone

Rachel M - February 2016

Mark is an excellent instructor, he wrote down most things such as faults and things to improve so I could correct for the next lesson, which was helpful in increasing my confidence and driving ability. He pays great attention to detail which I think improved my skills further. I passed first time with only one minor! Thank you Mark

Julie T - December 2015

My daughter has just passed her test first time with Mark. My son had also previously been taught and I knew we had made the right choice again as Mark showed patience, understanding and gains pupils confidence easily. I would honestly highly recommend Mark to anyone thinking of learning to drive

Jacques H - December 2015

I have been driving with Marc for months, and have been very satisfied with my results. Mark is obviously a highly skilled driver, and allows you to learn good habits. During the lessons, Marc eased me into driving, allowing me to learn easily and from experience. Furthermore, Mark allowed me to become independent and reliable. I have recently passed my test FIRST time which was great as my other three brothers, who were taught under Marc, all passed first time. Also, Marc has Good banter, which is great because two hour lessons each week could get really boring! I thoroughly recommend Marc as an instructor as he himself is a great driver and passes his skills on effectively, allowing his students to become confident, reliable drivers

Jill D - October 2015

Mark is a first class driving Instructor! Always on time, sticks to arrangements and puts you at ease from the moment he meets you. Our son Peter has just passed FIRST TIME with Mark, the practical and the theory test, only incurring ONE MINOR! WOW SUPER INSTRUCTING!! Mark always gives the full lesson time and a de-brief to boot! Consistent progress reports given via special driving book and constant feedback to pupil. The two hour lessons are well planned and give the necessary time for learning and progression, superb value for money. Money well spent for lifelong achievement. Thank you so much Mark for your time and enthusiastic teaching!

Megan T - October 2015

Passed first time with Mark, extremely reliable, always friendly, patient and supportive! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Kimberley S - September 2015

I just wanted to tell anyone who is thinking of learning to drive then look no further save yourself time and probably money. My granddaughter has been having lessons with Mark every week, she has a double lesson and Mark immediately made her feel at ease. His warm and friendly manner and professionalism was amazing. He gave clear written instructions on what to try to improve on each week so that she knew the next lesson what she could improve on. Mark is reliable, trustworthy and a dedicated driving instructor. He is was quick to call if he was running late which was very rare and always added any time owing to my granddaughter. Although Marks driving school was out of our area he was happy to accommodate to help my granddaughter to fulfil her dreams to learn to drive. I highly recommend Mark he gave my granddaughter the best chance to pass her test and oh I forgot to say the most important part she passed first time and that was just yesterday we are so happy that Mark came highly recommended to us by actually another driving instructor that is how he is in our opinion the best.

Callum W - September 2015

I can highly recommend both FLEET SCHOOL OF MOTORING and MARK FLEET. I have been having driving lesson with Mark for the past few months. He was very patient, informative and gave me plenty of practical and theoretical advise and consequently, I passed both my theory and practical test first time. He always went the extra mile, pardon the pun!! Marks lessons are 2 hours long and priced at £18.00 per hour. I booked mine in blocks of 10 but on the odd occasion where something came up where either myself or Mark couldnt make the arranged date, time, etc, there was never a problem rearranging things. Highly recommended, thank you MARK FLEET of FLEET SCHOOL OF MOTORING.

Talia G - July 2015

I cannot recommend Mark highly enough - he is extremely knowledgable, professional and goes above and beyond not only to make his pupils ready for their test but also to ensure they become safe, independent drivers once they have passed. I recently passed my test first time, something I truly believe would not have been possible without the continuous support and confidence instilled in me by Mark and the skill of his teaching. From day one he put me at ease and made me feel extremely safe and was both understanding and patient throughout the entire time of my learning process. Completely outstanding Instructor. Big thank you once again Mark!

Daniel C - May 2015

Brilliant instructor, passed first time with ease, would recommend going with mark to anyone! 

Joe G - May 2015

Passed first time, faultless teaching.

James A - May 2015

Top instructor, top man. Throughout the entire process of learning to drive Mark was friendly, supportive and professional at all times. He came highly recommended from multiple friends and at no point did I feel that I wasn't getting 100% value for the (very reasonable) price I had paid. I passed first time and owe my success fully to the skills and expertise of Mark's patient instruction. Thanks again Mark!

Kieran T - May 2015

I have recently learnt with Mark Fleet and passed my test first time of asking. Mark is a top instructor with bags of time and help for his learners. Would definitely recommend learning with Mark.

Nicole G - January 2015

Mark is a reliable, friendly and patient instructor, who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in his job. He is not only focused on helping you pass your test, but becoming a safe, independent driver. Before learning with Mark, felt I would be a very nervous driver; but straight away Mark made me feel comfortable and confident and I passed first time with only a few minors. I would recommend Mark to anyone.

Kelsi D - December 2014

I can't recommend Mark enough. He is very professional, patient and reliable. Everything I did was done thoroughly and I really enjoyed my learning experience. He is definitely the best at what he does and made me feel at ease from my very first lesson. I was another one of his pupils that passed first time with 3 minors! Mark's teaching style was really good, he had planned lessons and I felt confident about the different test routes. He really cared about me becoming a safe, independent driver and I knew I could trust him when he said I was ready to book my test. My sister also passed with Mark first time, I would recommend him to anyone!

Chris C - December 2014

Fantastic Instructor, makes you feel relaxed in the car. Very patient with you, always attends lessons never missed one. I will recommend to anyone I meet. True nice gent and instructor.

Lauren A - December 2014 

Mark has an excellent way of making you feel instantly comfortable and confident driving. He explained everything well and would go over anything that I was not confident on. He never cancelled any lessons and therefore extremely reliable. Would highly recommend. I passed first time. An excellent driving instructor.

Elena D - October 2014

Passed first time with Mark! He makes you feel comfortable right from the start! Excellent lessons aimed not only at passing your test, but becoming a good and safe driver for after. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor!

Connor H - October 2014

Mark was a great instructor who made me feel calm, and confident in my driving ability. He remained patient with me throughout and helped me to pass my test first time with 0 minors. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Deborah J - August 2014

I began learning with Mark after a being in a bad accident some years previously, which had destroyed my confidence in driving and meant I was utterly terrified the first few times I got back behind the wheel. Although it took a long time for me to get up to standard, Mark remained patient and supportive, despite my many mistakes and me frequently wanting to give up. Although I could never have imagined passing my test, Mark encouraged me no end, and I was thrilled to pass first time with only 2 minors! Having had other driving instructors previously, Mark stands out a mile - as well as being supportive and thoroughly lovely, he teaches to such a high standard that you learn everything you need not just to pass your test, but to be a careful and considerate driver. Even my examiner remarked on the standard of my driving, which is testament to Mark rather than me. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Mark and found him an outstanding instructor. I can't thank him enough for changing me from a quivering wreck into a competent driver and would recommend him unreservedly.

Katherine R - July 2014

I highly recommend Mark, great instructor, friendly, puts you at ease from the outset and remains patient. I had no previous experience of driving a car, yet I was made to feel comfortable throughout. This allowed me to pass first time. I can't thank Mark enough!

Rachel - June 2014

I learnt to drive with Mark over about 10 months and managed to pass first time with 5 minors. Mark was great at making me feel comfortable and at ease in the car, even on my first lesson when I was so nervous! I was recommended Mark from my boyfriend and his brother and through driving with Mark I learnt that several other friends had passed through him. 'Big C' around roundabouts and '2nd gear to engine break' will always stick in my mind whenever I drive thanks to Mark! Absolutely brilliant instructor and I thoroughly recommend him!

Rebecca - June 2014

After a bad experience with an impatient instructor, Mark was recommended to me as I was about to give up. What a difference! I never dreaded lessons as I had before. He is patient, understanding and friendly, and keen to get you up to standard, not only to pass first time but to be a good driver in general. I cannot thank him enough! Pleased to say I passed first time :)

Abby - May 2014

Mark is an excellent instructor, who is patient, calm and friendly. He is the best at what he does, and he helped me gain the confidence and skill to pass first time. I would definitely recommend him to anybody!

Matty - February 2014

Mark is an excellent instructor and I would recommend him to everyone. I had no driving experience when I did my first lesson with Mark but he made me feel at ease and helped build my confidence and my driving ability. I recently did my driving test and I passed first time. I could not have done it without his help, knowledge and his patience. Once again thank you Mark!

Jenni C - February 2014

I passed my test first time with Fleet School of Motoring. Mark is a brilliant driving instructor who is very patient and understanding. He knew exactly when I was ready for my test and made sure that I was very good at everything before taking my test. He is an amazing guy and I would recommend him to everyone!!

Mark M - February 2014

Mark is an excellent instructor will make you feel at ease, I'm the third member of my family to pass with Mark can't recommend him enough thanks Mark

Stephanie - January 2014

Fantastic company my daughter passed her test first time and she is only 17 thank you so much Mark we will recommend you to every one we know. Great instructor it was a great Christmas present for her

Stephanie - January 2014 

I passed 1st time with fleet school of motoring and I would recommend to every one to use Fleet School of Motoring

Diane - January 2014

Mark is an excellent instructor calmed me down from the minute I got in the car, made me feel safe when I was driving and passed first time. Would highly recommend him to anyone :)

Danni C - November 2013  

Passed first time with 0 minors. Taught me, my sister and our friends, great instructor who taught me to be a safe and confident driver. Definitely would recommend Mark

Jessica C - September 2013

Mark taught both me and my sister to drive, and i recently passed first time with only 4 minors. Mark is a brilliant instructor who makes you feel comfortable on lessons and is always very friendly making lessons enjoyable. He is passionate about making sure you pass first time and ensures this through well planned lessons. I would definitely reccommend Mark as he will be keen to get you passed not just to take your money! He will make sure you feel at ease and is always calm if you don't understand something. Overall a very good driving school to go with

Elliot L - September 2013

Just passed my test with Mark today. All i can say is he is a fantastic instructor and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive

Lucy L - September 2013

Mark is an excellent instructor who made me feel comfortable from my very first lesson. My lessons were always enjoyable and relaxed as well as professional and informative. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to learn to drive with a friendly instructor, who will ensure you pass at a high standard. I never thought I'd be driving so quickly, and now I'm on the road mark still gives me a little wave :)

Chris D - September 2013

Great driving instructor, fully recommend. Passed first time!

Fiona D - August 2013

Mark is a really friendly and patient instructor. He knows all of the roads and what examiners expect so you feel prepared going in to the test. I passed first time! His teaching methods are sound. I fully recommend Mark

Laura S - June 2013

Excellent driving instructor, great value for money and flexible on times. Mark is a friendly instructor and gave me confidence in which I was desperately LACKING! & passed first time! Highly recommend Fleet Street!!

James E - June 2013

Marks a great driving instructor and also a great guy. Really easy to get on with and he is really patient when it come to learning new things. I just passed first time and he has made my driving perfect so I could achieve this. Don't look anywhere else mark is a great instructor

Matthew N - June 2013

Mark's a great guy, explains everything clearly and if you make a mistake he is patient and allows you to go back and correct it. He's always on time and easy to get hold of. He does his lessons in 2 hour slots which is good as one hour wouldn't be enough. I passed first time with no minors after 50 hours and would recommend him to anyone, thanks Mark!

Cathrine H - May 2013

Mark is an excellent driving instructor. I passed my test first time because Mark is very patient and friendly. I was so nervous about taking my test but Mark was very understanding and gave me lots of reassurance and the confidence I needed to pass my test

Alex - May 2013

Passed my first time after about 6 months of lessons. Made to feel a confident driver. Would recommend to everyone

Ruth C - Apr 2013

I passed first time with Mark after no previous driving experience. He is very patient and friendly and really puts you at ease if you're nervous. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

Sarah H - Feb 2013

Mark is a lovely, patient, reliable instructor. I was a very nervous learner driver, I learnt with Mark for over a year and I passed my test first time. Both myself and my younger brother have both passed our tests with Mark. I would very strongly recommend him to anyone!

Rachael C - Jan 2013

I managed to pass my test first time with Mark, he is very friendly and patient which helped a lot as I was nervous about taking lessons. Mark is very reliable and goes the extra mile to accommodate his customers. I would recommend Mark to anyone he is a fantastic instructor

Josh N - Dec 2012

Had no previous driving experience. Passed 1st time with 1 minor under mark's excellent tuition. Top bloke,friendly and reliable and I would recommend mark to anyone

Rhys C - Nov 2012

I passed 1st time coz this dude is some boy, amazing instructor and keeps its cool, if he got me passed first time then am sure he cud teach a monkey to drive and have it pass first time, just make sure you don't scuff his alloys or s**t hits the fan, but serious if u want a friendly, laid back belta instructor then Mark's your man

Claire M - Sep 2012

Mark is a fantastic instructor. Very friendly and patient which makes the nerves of driving much easier to cope with. He is extremely flexible and goes above and beyond expectations to accommodate his customers. Mark is very reliable and I would highly recommend him to anyone

Emma B - Sep 2012

After having an unsuccessful few hours with another driving school I was recommended Mark Fleet by my work colleague, who had recently passed her driving test first time. Mark's style of teaching was such that I felt that I was actually being taught to DRIVE, not to just pass the test. Unlike my previous instructor, who spent a lot of time just sitting at the side of the road and showing me diagrams, Mark had me in the driver's seat from the off to ensure I got as much driving experience from my lessons as possible. He was very clear in his instructions and his patient, conversational manner was reassuring; particularly when I made mistakes! After just over 40 hours of instruction (20 two hour lessons), Mark was keen for me to book my test; a refreshing change from some instructors who try to drag lessons on for as long as possible!I passed my test first time and would highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to drive

Josh T - Sep 2012

Mark is a great instructor, i passed first time and it was all down to great instructing. He was always on time and very reliable. Friends of mine have gone with bigger driving schools such as pass and go and AA and from their stories none seem as good as mark. Unlike them he cares about helping you to pass not just taking your money

Marie D - July 2012

Mark is a great teacher, I would highly recommend him. It was easy to learn to drive with his help, care and attention. He was very flexible and extremely patient with me. His prices are very reasonable and affordable, i took advantage of the block booking facility so I knew my lessons were paid for in advance which gave me peace of mind knowning I could just book my lessons when ever it was convenient to myself. Overall it was quick and easy learning to drive with Mark, and really fun in his stylish cars!

Katie R - Apr 2012

Mark is an excellent instructor, my previous driving instructor didn't make me feel comfortable or confident with my driving. I decided to change my instructor and went with Mark. Straight away Mark was very friendly and patient and made me feel at ease. He gave me the confidence to pass my theory and practical driving test first time. I wish I had learned with Mark from the start and would strongly recommend him to any one who wants to learn to drive

Shirley P - Feb 2012

Mark is a fantastic instructor he is very patient & friendly I always felt relaxed with him even though starting to learn to drive as a woman in her 50's was daunting I passed both my theory & my driving first time. I would and have recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to drive

Heather R - Feb 2012

Mark is a brilliant instructor who put my nerves at ease throughout learning to drive. He is a friendly and reliable person who always accommodated my lessons around my busy schedule. I passed first time with mark in my theory and practical in just over 6 months. I have and would highly recommend mark to anyone wanting to learn to drive in an enjoyable, relaxed environment and at a great price compared to other large name driving schools

Misbah U - Nov 2011

I passed my driving test first time with Mark. He is a fantastic driving instructor who is not only professional but also very friendly and reliable. Lessons seemed to fly by as I was having fun whilst learning lots in the process... Mark is always willing to go that extra step to ensure he is doing the maximum possible to help you pass. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive!